Top tips to save electricity to help the environment and your bank account

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Use less, gain more

Although saving your money is key, becoming more energy efficient is equally as important.
You will be contributing towards saving the environment, in addition to having a few spare pennies at the end of the month. Consuming less energy will help preserve the earth’s natural resources and the environment from ruin. Cutting down on the amount of energy in each household can benefit the environment, although your own energy improvements may seem minuscule, these modest steps can evolve into large bounds when everyone chooses to make these simple adjustments to their household. We can help you to achieve this goal by reading through our tips to save electricity.

Top tips to save electricity

One of the most obvious tips in saving electricity is using less, however, this is not as easy to put to practise. Using less energy and becoming more efficient will significantly help you to save money. There are many simple ways you can achieve this…

Turning off switches when they are not in use – leaving electronics on standby will still consequence in electricity being used. Switching it off by the wall or unplugging the socket when the item is not in use could help you save up to £30 a year.

Smart switches are a great investment to prevent energy waste and help you save money. Switching to LED bulbs would also be a positive and significant improvement. They are more efficient than standard bulbs; they emit a cleaner, natural light and are longer lasting.

Use the sun and natural light as much as possible – the sun is an excellent source of energy, so take advantage of this glorious element. Opening your curtains will radiate some warmth and light throughout your house. This will minimize the use of energy to help heat and brighten your home. If you’re really serious about saving electricity, you can use this as a renewable source of electricity by taking the plunge in buying solar panels. Although this will be pretty pricey to start off, you will be saving yourself so much in the long haul.

Our last few tips on saving electricity would be to tread carefully on the amount of water use your household generates. Quicker showers; washing your clothes at a lower temperature and shorter duration; hanging out the washing as an alternative will scale down your electricity consumption. Energy efficient dishwashers are also available to buy, and surprisingly, dishwashers use less energy than washing up by hand – especially when you wash a full load.

Savvy saviour

If you find yourself horrified with the amount of money spent on energy and electricity through the month, it would be worth staying on top of your monthly bills; your energy provider and selected tariff in use. These bills can be expensive and it is important to take control and resolve this by making some changes. Being savvy with your energy supplier choice can benefit you from any nasty surprises and help you stay on track with budgeting. Whether you are a homeowner or rent a property; as long as you pay the energy bill, this would be applicable to you as you would have the flexibility to change supplier. Price comparison sites should be the first step into deciding which provider would be best and what would be the most feasible for your household.

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