Shocking Electrical Myths

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Shocking Electrical Myths In a field that is so wide, it is easy enough to have misconceptions on electrical safety in what is true and false. Here are some useful examples to help eliminate the electrical myths and help you have a clearer understanding of electricity. Electricity Travels at the Speed of Light This is […]

Ways to Save Electricity in Your Workplace

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Ways to Save Electricity in Your Workplace Whether you’re at home or at work, we should all be making a conscious effort to save energy when we can. Consideration towards the environment is one small step that can go a long way if everyone has the same attitude, even in your workplace. First Strike Electrical […]

Landlord Electrical Safety

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A Guide on Landlord Electrical Safety As a landlord, you have the responsibility of keeping your tenants safe by protecting them from electrical faults that could potentially cause danger and harm. By law, it is a requirement that you carry out certain electrical safety checks and installations throughout the property to ensure a safe environment […]

The Future On Smart Grid Electrics

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                  Our current approach to the transmission and distribution of electricity within the UK has proven to be pretty unreliable and unsuccessful. This is due to the lack of improvements and development made within the system since it was first introduced. We have now started to develop […]

Top tips to save electricity to help the environment and your bank account

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Use less, gain more Although saving your money is key, becoming more energy efficient is equally as important. You will be contributing towards saving the environment, in addition to having a few spare pennies at the end of the month. Consuming less energy will help preserve the earth’s natural resources and the environment from ruin. […]

Electrical Hazards in The Garden

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Electrical Hazards In The Garden Whether you’re a gardening pro or an enthusiastic novice, there are a few things you should be aware of to help reduce your risk of injury. The latest post from First Strike Electrical discusses electrical safety in the garden and top tips to ensure you stay safe to come rain […]

5 Signs You Have an Electrical Problem

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5 Signs You Have An Electrical Problem When it comes to keeping your family and home safe, making sure your household electrics are working properly is important. If you believe you have an electrical problem in your home, it’s best to identify the problem quickly to avoid serious health hazards. Here are 5 signs you […]

Common Signs That Your Home Has An Electrical Fault

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Electrical problems are a major cause for house fires across the UK, and keeping your household electrics in good working order is the only way to avoid serious risk to your health, safety and property. There are some common signs of electrical faults that can be overlooked and ignored. If you’re concerned that your home […]

Why Are Your Bulbs Going Out Quickly?

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              Why Are Your Bulbs Going Out Quickly? Have you ever bought a lightbulb that says it lasts 1000 hours, but find that after a few weeks the bulb has already gone? Lightbulbs are surprisingly costly, and trying to be energy efficient is getting pricier and pricier. If you […]

When Should You Call An Emergency Electrician In North London?

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              When Should You Call An Emergency Electrician In North London? There are many reasons you might need to call an emergency electrician in North London, from needing a complete rewiring for your home, needing help with electrical upgrades or new light installations, to installing a new smart system […]

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“I have used First Strike on many occasions to sort out electrical problems at my Paddington flat. Most recently when my heated towel rail failed. They diagnosed the problem quickly helped us organise the replacement and when it arrived were on site the same day to fit it. A great service. They have never let me down.”

by J. Price

"I highly recommend First Strike electrical. Electrician was punctual, very thorough, and extremely professional. All problems sorted quickly. Will definitely use these guys again."

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"Great service! I was really happy with the service that First Strike Electrical gave, they was extremely professional, friendly and polite. They completed the electrical wiring in my new extension. I was very please with the work that was completed. I highly recommend First Strike Electrical for any of you electrical needs."

by M. Allen

"We called First Strike Electrical for an emergency. Alex our electrician was very helpful and knew exactly what the problem was and fixed our wiring."

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"Amazing, called casually about a job, and 2 and a half hours later everything is fixed, with utmost politeness and minimum of fuss. Would highly recommend and if I ever have a problem in the future they'll be first on my list of people to call."

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"I have just used First Strike to sort our problems with my telephone at home. The job was done promptly and efficiently and I would certainly use the company again."

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"I've been using First Strike for years. A good and completely reliable electrician is hard to find. First Strike turn up when they say, complete the job thoroughly and explain to the ignorant the what and the why. Whether it's been planned jobs or emergency response, they've never let me down. Stick them on your list. Very highly recommended."

by B. Wood

"I had severe water damage in my kitchen and the whole room needed to be refurbished from scratch. I did most of the work myself but required someone to come in and put in all of the electrics, so I called First Strike. They came in and quoted me a great price for the work and then carried it all out in a fast and high quality manner. Thank you so much for great service!"

by N. Sky

"We are very pleased with the service from First Strike Electrical. They were on time and dealt with the problem at hand very professionally. We highly recommend their services to others."

by K. Thompson

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